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A Tribute to Dr. Willie P. Blair

An extraordinary community leader

Our beloved Dr. Willie Blair passed away in 2021. For more than 40 years, Dr. Blair was a member of the Black American Political Association of California (BAPAC), a public policy think tank and civic engagement organization committed to solving economic, political, and social problems faced by African Americans throughout the state of California. Dr. Blair served as board chair of the San Diego BAPAC Chapter for almost a decade before being elected as president of the statewide organization in 2017.

Dr. Blair was our very own Zulu warrior. Though short in stature, he was a giant among men, which was evident each time he opened his mouth to speak. Dr. Blair was our sage that spoke wisdom about life. As a professor of Black history, he was always willing to teach and represented the essence of Black pride. Dr. Blair was a mentor’s mentor, a man that fought for justice, equality, and unity within the San Diego community. He dedicated his life to building a Black nation and personified the understanding of purpose, perseverance, and potential.

Just as Dr. King had a dream, Dr. Blair had a vision. He had the heart to take action to move his people towards a life of freedom and the God given right to prosperity. As we celebrate the life of our bold and courageous warrior, we acknowledge that we stand on the shoulders of a great leader. Every day of the week, month, and year, Dr. Blair was a walking and talking embodiment of Black history and God’s gift to our Black culture. We will be forever grateful for his soulful presence here on earth. Dr. Blair will always be remembered in our hearts, as a true unapologetically Black man.
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