Ellen Nash, BAPAC SD Chair

2020 has brought many challenges for BAPAC SD but we know that, for too long, people in power have conspired to rig the game, forcing Black people to work twice as hard to barely get half as far in America. We are falling further behind in health and wealth, safety and well-being. No More!
Black people must:
  1. Agree on things we want
  2. Mobilize our communities around those things
  3. Vote our agenda
  4. Hold decision makers accountable to our needs and priorities.
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Our future can and must be different. Black communities deserve and demand thoughtful, visionary policies and practices that make us powerful in every aspect of our lives. Black people can and will take our power back by:
  • Confronting those who conspire to steal our votes and building the democracy that is promised to us all.
  • Challenging the people and practices that leave us sick and dying younger and delivering the care we need to live long and live well.
  • Rejecting the toxic culture of white nationalism, calling it out at every opportunity and in front of every audience.
  • Acting on the climate crisis as a national priority before more of our communities are hit first and worst by disasters such as COVID – 1619 (not a typo).
  • Ending the use of incarceration to solve the problems of migration, poverty, and divestment, and return millions of us to our families and communities.

Toward that end, BAPAC SD was a strong supporter of the release of the City of San Diego Police Racial Profiling Report, which verified the expected outcome. Stereotypes of our young people are perpetuated, which further result in limited access to educational opportunities that can lead to middle class jobs.

BAPAC SD successfully lobbied against the inappropriate use of laws, including penal code 182.5 and supported Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber’s Legislation bill AB 2298, which aims to provide adults with the right to be notified, and to appeal, if they are included in CalGang’s database. Now people can be removed from the database if they go three years without a gang-related conviction and require the California Department of Justice to produce an annual report on the program.

BAPAC SD was a strong supporter of Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber in the passage of California Act To Save Lives (AB392), which stated that police officers should only use deadly force when they don’t have other options. With the most recent Senate approval of ACA 5 – Repeal of Prop 209, California Voters will have their say on Proposition 209 and allow the reinstatement of Affirmative Action.  

Yes timing is everything. The COVID – 1619 pandemic (not a typo) forced us to sit and watch the knee on the neck that drained the life out of Mr. George Floyd. It lead us to this moment where White America could no longer pretend we live in a colorblind, post–racial America.  

Now we must roll up our sleeves over the next 4 months not only to turn out the vote for ACA5 and the next President of the United States of America, and all the down ballot races in San Diego. Thanks to our powerful Board, supporters, members, and funders BAPAC SD’s plate is even heavier with Census 2020, redistricting, COVID, and Black Voter Registration.  

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In Solidarity,
Ellen Nash, Chair
The San Diego Chapter of Black Political Association of California