BAPAC SD is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization

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Chair's Message

Ellen Nash, Chair of the Board, BAPAC SD
October 2018

Hello and welcome to wonderful and marvelous statewide convention of the Black American Political Association of California (BAPAC). San Diego is honored to serve as host of the historic event! Our 40th!


Much has happened and transpired in our almost 40 years of existence as a significant engine of positive change for California's almost 3 million black people.  Black men and women at all local and state levels are running for and winning elective political offices. Community based organizations are reinvigorated and inspired to reach out to innumerable neighborhoods and communities. Voter registration numbers among the black population are rising the entire length and breath of the great golden state.  And we are also witnessing a growing surge of civic and political activity within all of the major political parties and among the most burgeoning of all bell weather movements of our time, the undecideds, who will loom very large in this upcoming fall election!  

With the upcoming 2018 November fall election at our doorstep, we urge all residents of California to gear up and help signal in a new day for our great state.

First, we urge you to become a registered voter!  Then make very sure that your family, friends and all of your neighbors become registered voters.  And then we all go and vote!  Either by mail ballot or at the polls.  Just be sure and vote!  Only by voting in big numbers can we hope to reduce the misery index in our black neighborhoods and communities.  Only by voting with an absolute vengeance, can we ever hope to bring about a sense of true increase and advancement for the "Beloved Community!"

Make no mistake about this impending matter. Much is at stake here!  A first class education for our children.  Better housing. Upgraded health care.  A decent job that pays dignified wages.  

Let us together signal a rebirth of BAPAC as a powerful new instrument of real power never before seen coming from the black community in California!  With all numbers being about the same, the black community can use its growing new voting strength to leverage its negotiating prowess to bring about a new day of dignity and advancement for our families and neighborhoods. We now look forward.  The rebuilding of BAPAC in California is a good fight.  Join it!  And as we rebuild BAPAC, it will grow and prosper, because "if we build it, they will come!"